ibe.mapp in the media

ibe.mapp founder Ian Bond discusses disruptive technology


This is an example of the series of films made by Pocket Medic especially to help patients of COPD understand their condition and can be made available to ibe.mapp users via the mapp.


In collaboration with NHS clinicians and patients, PocketMedic has made this series of films to help patients with chronic health conditions to better understand and self manage their condition. These films will be made available to users of ibe.mapp and can also be prescribed to patients by their GP or nurse. For more information www.ehealthdigital.co.uk


ibe.mapp’s founder presents the ibe.mapp concept at Cardiff’s Life Science Hub International Stakeholders Conference.


‘The Geek who is changing the world’ according to Forbes Magazine. The Guru of Disruptive Technology – Medical Futurist Bertalan Meskó, MD, PhD